by AgentFrances

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

On a trip to . . .

Ahh, Barbados, the only coral island in that region with all white sand beaches.

Beautiful is the word for this island. It is totally surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. My husband and I went there via a cruise. On our visit we had such a wonderful experience, we went on our very first zip line adventure. From the very first moment of meeting our guide, we knew we were going to have fun. We went on a tour around town and ended it at Air Trek Adventures. We were then met by our new guides that began to teach us how to safely use the equipment. The tour began with a hike through to where the platforms started. There were 8 platforms and 9 zips. At each platform we were informed on the ways of their people and family, the economy, the trees and plants surrounding us, the coral rock and in their eyes, the way of their world. It was a very enlightening experience at each platform and the zips was the most fun ever! Who knew this was so much fun.

It was such a pleasure to have experienced this adventure with the guys at Air Trek. We exploded with enthusiasm when we shared our experience back on the ship. We showed off our photos we purchased to everyone which we lost on the ship. We also informed the guest services clerks how enjoyable the whole thing was. Since then we had another adventure zip lining. We went 500 ft over the beach in a sitting type harness but it definitely was not the same. Thanks to the whole crew at Air Trek for a memorable adventure.
Although we chose a different type of excursion at each of the ports this one was the most fun. The beaches in Barbados are absolutely gorgeous and the water is blue and the zip line was unforgettable. I will include Barbados in any and all trips that I can in my future.

Barbados gained independence from the British in 1966, but their influence is still apparent on this stunning Caribbean island. English is the native tongue, Cricket is the national sport and tea is still a favorite drink. It is no wonder that this piece of paradise was once called "Little England ." stated by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Barbados is the eastern-most Caribbean island. It is located at 13.4N, 54.4W. The island, which is less that one million years old,  was created by the collision of the Atlantic crustal and Caribbean plates, along with a volcanic eruption. Later coral formed, accumulating to approximately 300 feet. It is geologically unique, being actually two land masses that merged together over the years. stated by


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