by AgentFrances

Monday, February 17, 2014

"Wine, Jets & Chocolate"

AirTrek, Inc. introduced their Citation VII at their annual "Wine, Jets & Chocolate" party. I had a chance to get inside and sit on the luxurious seats that take you floating in the air. Yes, skip the long lines, security, bumping into people, coughing strangers and book your flight to anywhere in comfort. Hop over to the islands for a day of shopping, scuba diving or family gathering in an exotic location. Have a meeting out of state and don't want to use a commercial airline, use Air Trek. This is the ONLY way to fly.

Here is a link to the short video on the "Wine, Jets & Chocolate" Party.

Pilot, Wayne Carr and I are ready to go.
 Not waiting on line here.
 Just the guy you want to talk to, Dana Carr. 
 Fly over all the rest of them and leave them in the dust.
 Our turn 
Can't wait on you forever, let's go, get in.
Wayne and Dana Carr

Looking forward to our next trip!!

Thanks to Wayne Carr, Dana Carr, AirTrek Staff and Crew!! 


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